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Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev
The Provision on the Association


The public association "Association of graduates of K.Satpayev EETI”

  1. General Provision

The present Provision of the Association of K.Satpayev EETI graduates  determines the status, powers, organizational activities of  K.Satpayev EETI graduates.

The Association of K.Satpayev EETI graduates  addresses the issues of the relationship of educational process with production, the issues of vocational guidance. The issues of providing the production sites for the production competitions, scientific and practical conferences in the workplace.

The Association has the status of a local union.

The Association is an organization of K.Satpayev EETI graduates united on the voluntary basis  - the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens and stateless individuals in order to achieve their common goals, not contradicting the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Association carries out its activities in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Law "On Public Associations" and "On Noncommercial Organizations", other normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as its Charter.

  1. The tasks Association of K.Satpaev EETI graduates

The main task of the Association of Graduates is student relationship with industrial enterprises.

Training of highly qualified specialists, familiarizing the students to the traditions and values of the professional community and professional ethics.

Consolidation of graduates’ effort to improve the social significance and recognition of the institute, keeping the corporate spirit of its students and graduates.

Formation of a set of relations among the members of the Association.

Strengthening the corporate unity at all levels.

The implementation of an effective mechanism for lobbying the interests of its members.

Assisting to strengthen the material-technical base of the institute.

Implementation of the relationship between high school graduates and strengthening their ties with the institute

Facilitating the employability of young specialists - members of the Association and the organization of practical training of students.

Involvement of talented youth to the institute.


3. The Association of K.Satpaev EETI graduates is formed from the number of graduates who have graduated from  the institute at different times, are actively involved in working and social life of Ekibastuz.

  1. The Association consists of 5 graduates and can be changed.

The commission members of the Association of EETI graduates 

  1. Svambaev RyskanTishpekovich - General Director of LLP "Ekibastuz GRES-1 named after Bulat Nurzhanov", the  Chairman
  2. Bralin Bolat Kayratovich - Chief Technologist, Locomotive Depot.
  3. Begizhanov Chapay Kenzhetaevich- Deputy Head of the depot LLP Mac Ekibastuz.
  4. Amrenov Ryshat Babaevich -  a mechanic of the coal mine “Vostochny”
  5. Kireev Zharmuhambet Aytalievich- director LLP Ait Stroj. 




План работы

Ассоциации выпускников ЕИТИ им.акад.К.Сатпаева

Work plan

 of the Association  of K.Satpayev EETI graduates

1. The meeting of graduates of the Department of Transport with the students of BBT and BOP, January 2016

2. To conduct the meeting of graduates in May-June 2016

3.To visit GRES-1, September 2016г.

4. Scientific-practical conference on the practical training with the representatives from production enterprises (section  of chiefs, technologists, mechanics), October 2016.

5.Поощрение студентов, получивших рабочие специальности по профессиям, декабрь 2016 г.

 Encouraging students who received working specialties on specialty professions, December 2016