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Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev
Research work
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Research work at the Department "Automation and Information systems" is conducted in accordance with the plan of scientific research of EETI.
Research work is related to scientific research, studies, experiments aimed at expansion of existing and acquisition of new knowledge, testing scientific hypotheses, establishment of regularities that manifest themselves in nature and in society, scientific generalization, scientific substantiation of projects.
Teachers’ Researchwork
                 Research work of the teaching staff is carried out in accordance with the plan of research, which includes participation in various scientific research and preparation for publication of the results.
Among the scientific results the Department highlights the following ones:
- AkishevT.B. took part in fundamental research in the field of Natural Sciences under the budget program funded by The State institution " Committee of science of the MES RK»»
– Berkutskii V. Ya. participated in the international fundamental research of diffusion of hydrocarbons;
- Sivaraksha D. M. received a Diploma of the international innovation forum in the field of Ecology, Tourism and Entrepreneurship "In Kaz" for an outstanding idea in Ecology.
In the international scientific and practical conference "Improving the quality of education, modern innovations in science and production" (2018g.) the following reports were noted:
- Seitkanov S. S. «Practical use of self-adjusting systems and self – adjusting algorithms-in the field of automation and control»;
- Bystrova S. V. «Structural-parametric optimization of the automatic control system regulator»;
- Kydyrbaeva A.B. «Modern approaches to the problem of inclusive education of persons with disabilities»;
- Kozhamzharova M. K. «Integration of information technologies in the educational process, taking into account the infrastructure of the educational institution."
* Scientific projects of the Department.
Professor of the Department T. B.Akishev works on the following grant projects:
  1. Research in the framework of the state Order for the fundamental program in the field of Natural Sciences 0692 (GF) on the theme: "Development and substantiation of approximate solution methods of the problem by coefficient processing in the process of moisture propagation in a multilayered area" Research Institute of mathematics and mechanics at Al-FarabiKazNU, Akishev T. B. – principal investigator. Head: Rysbayuly (2012-2014).)
  2. "Development of analysis methods of non-linear diffusion coefficients and hydraulic conductivity of soil water and justification of their reliability" according to the budget program 055 "Scientific and/or scientific and technical activity", sub – program 101 "Grant financing of research for 2015-2017", according to the priority "Intellectual potential of the country" from 01.02.2015 to 31.12.2015, performed at L.N. Gumilev ENU, Akishev T.B. - responsible executive, project Manager: Professor Adamov A.A. (2015-2017).)
•               Development of competence
One of the main tasks of the Department is to improve the skills of the teaching staff. Training and professional development is mainly carried out through training seminars, courses, master's, doctoral studies, internships at leading universities and enterprises of Kazakhstan, as well as abroad.
According to the program of professional development of the Department teachers highlights the following:
- Akishev T.B. scientific study placement on the program of professional development - an international Asian school-seminar "Problems of optimization of complex systems". Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyz Republic, 2018.
– Sivaraksha D. M., St. Petersburg mining University. All-Russian scientific conference on control problems in technical systems. 2016.
– Kydyrbayeva A. B. Seminar "Automation of control process of the level of students' knowledge as one of the elements of an electronic textbook", LLP "Interactiv Kazakhstan", Astana. 2016.
- Kozhamzharova M. K. Seminar "Innovative intellectual technologies in education". Astana.
– Dosmakova N. M. "Programming fundamentals in C++", KGU POSIT UO Pavlodar region, 2017.
– Akpanbetova A. Zh. "Distance education technologies", Moscow financial-industrial University "Synergy", 2014.
• Scientific-research work of students (NIRS)
Research work of students (NIRS) is an integral part of the training of qualified specialists. NIRS at the Department is carried out by students in the form of abstract, research, laboratory work, course and diploma works (projects) containing elements of research, as well as in the performance of specific tasks of a research nature, aimed at solving the problem of production, during practical training. NIRS results are published in scientific journals and conference proceedings.
Among the scientific results of students the Department highlights the following:
- Beketov, B. A. (BIS -11c) in 2018 took 1st place in the national championship "Mobile robotics", held by World skills Kazakhstan.
– Begaidar S. S. (BAU-31, PM- Seitkanov S. S.) in 2017 took 1st place in the competition of LLP "Pavlodar Energo". The theme of scientific work "Automatic adjustment of regulators PTC ACS TP Pavlodar TETS-3. The competition was attended by students of all Universities of Pavlodar region. She received a diploma of awarding scholarships and received an invitation to work in JSC "PavlodarEnergo".
– Shaiman T. S. (BAU-21, PM - Seitkanov S. S.) in 2017 participated in the National innovation competition "the Best innovative project among students" with a report on "Self-adjusting regulators for systems of automatic control".
•               International cooperation
The teachers of the Department cooperate with leading scientists II&PU Academy of Sciences of RK, Kazakh State University named after A. Farabi, L. Gumilev ENU, Mining Academy (Germany, Freiberg), ATU, KBTU, PSPU, IOSU (Karaganda), E. Buketov KarSU Turan-Astana University.

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