Ekibastuz, 54А Energetikov St.
Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev
About the department

The department of "Automation and Information System" (AIS) was established in 2003 on the base of the Department of Computer Systems and Informatics (CSI).
In 2012, the Department of "Automation and Information Systems" (AIS) was organized on the base of the Department "Information Systems" and specialty "Automation and Control", that was transferred  from the "Power engineering" department

The department trains bachelors in four specialties:

5B070300 "Information Systems"
5B011100 "Informatics"

5B070200 "Automation and Control"
5B012000 "Vocational training"

Trajectories of training:

Information systems in engineering;
Information systems in economics and business;
Information systems in science and education;
Computer science and Mathematics;
Computer science;
Computer science and Physics.


The Department of "AIS" consists of experienced staff with extensive research and teaching experience in higher education:

3 candidates of chemical sciences,

4 candidates of technical sciences,

2 Candidates of Physical and Mathematical Sciences;

4  Masters of Sc.

2 Senior teachers.

4 assistant professors

Modern complex and automated information systems represent an area of research and development aimed at the development of the theory and management practice of industrial objects, data collection, modeling, control and data transfer. The rapid development of electronics, the World Wide Web and multimedia technologies has resulted in the emergence of digital libraries, automated microprocessors, electronic books and many specialized programs and technologies that became an integral part of human activity.
          The Library has electronic versions of lectures, handouts and other methodical materials for all disciplines and forms of lessons. In order to monitor and evaluate the achievements before the start of the academic period each student is provided by a complete package of instructional guidelines for the implementation of SRSP containing: themes, purpose and content of assignments, recommended literature with an indication of pages; the reporting forms and the schedule of control; evaluation criteria, written tests and test tasks and examination tickets.

The research activity of the department is aimed to gain new knowledge on major scientific and educational areas, taking into account the priorities of Science of Kazakhstan, using it to train qualified specialists, scientific-pedagogical personnel and to retain young people in education and science.

General scientific area of the department – Pressing Issues of Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer science.

Educational activity of the department is aimed at training professionals in demand in the labor market:
A programmer converts the design specifications into detailed descriptions of algorithms and objects developed programs followed by coding, testing and documenting programs.
A systems analyst analyzes the problems of data processing and prepares the sources for the design of an information system and recommendations on using the existing design solutions in the system.

A specialist in information systems carries out planning, directing and coordinating the various activities in the field of development and operation of business plans.

A database administrator coordinates the work on creation and operation of the database information systems (design, testing, simulation and optimization of databases created with the DBMS)

A specialist in information resources carries out development and operation of information resources by means of Web-programming.

A computer science teacher carries out a pedagogical activity to educate students in the discipline of computer science at secondary schools.

A researcher in the field of IT carries out a fundamental and applied research in Computer Engineering and computer science, performing research, development, scientific and educational, consulting or inventive activity.

Graduates with  Bachelor degree in 5B070200 - "Automation and Control" can work in the position of:
managers - foreman, head of the workshop, a manufacturer of work, a foreman of the workshop, shift manager, head (head the workshop);

specialists - design engineer, assistant engineer, engineer for Production Management, Engineer setting up and operation of the equipment, software engineer;

managerial, scientific and technical workers, the general for research, design, technological, design organizations: a technician, laboratory technician, design engineer.

In profile training as: an engineer in organizations and enterprises, where the automated process control systems and production, automated information control systems for various applications, automated systems for receiving, processing and transmission of data of different purposes, the automated systems of designing systems are used and developed;

with scientific and pedagogical training as: teacher of government and non-government secondary, secondary special and higher educational institutions; research fellow of scientific research and other organizations of any form of ownership.

A teacher of labor and business technology carries out teaching activities on labor education of pupils in secondary schools.

Teacher of general technical and special disciplines.


The department is equipped with the latest software and hardware support of the educational process in the field of information technology and automation, there are laboratories: Electronic learning materials ", Laboratory of Electronics, Laboratory of microprocessor technology and industrial controllers, Computer simulation Laboratory, Laboratory of programming technologies. In addition to the laboratories of special disciplines at the department the work in the laboratories of basic subjects: physics, chemistry is carried out.

The department is equipped with the latest software and hardware to ensure the educational process in the field of information technologies, there is a laboratory of "electronic educational materials."

The department is actively involved in the international scientific and practical conference "Satpaev readings of EETI", as well as other international scientific - practical conferences.

The graduates of the department work on leading regional and national companies, including LLP Bogatyr Komyr, LLP "Vostochny coal mine", JSC KEGOC, GRES-1, GRES 2, Kazakhtelecom, JSC Kazkommertsbank, Alliance Bank, BTA Bank and other organizations of Kazakhstan, at universities, colleges, schools of our town and country, LLP "Raster", "the DV-the Line", "Architecture and design enterprise," Center for training and retraining.


Our graduates:


Kisamedin Karimov - Chief Specialist of IT BTA Bank

Zamyatin Alexander - Director of the computer "Unicode" Center

Lepekhin Yuri - Director of the computer center "Reverse"

Kabanasyrov Nurlan Sarybaevich - Chief Specialist of Kaztelecom (Megaline)

Dosumov Zhaslan - chief administrator Computing Center BAK LLP.

Shirokikh Alexey Yurevich - leading programmer of LLP Aliot Service

Zozulya Elena - leading programmer