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Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev
The training-Laboratory facilities
Educational and laboratory base of the Department "Automation and Information systems".
Graduate Department "Automation and Information systems" has educational and laboratory facilities, which include: educational laboratories, classrooms, computer classes.
There are following scientific and educational specialized classrooms:
Laboratory of Network technology - Room A-21
Laboratory of computer aided simulation - Room A-27
Laboratory of programming technologies - Room A-28
Classroom for Presentations - Room A-24
Laboratory of WEB-technologies, room of presentations - Room A-22
Laboratory ofIntelligent systems -Room A-25
Laboratory of micro technology and industrial controllers-Room A-125
Laboratory of relaying and automation -Room A-122.
Each specialized laboratory has a passport.
* Computer classrooms A-21, A-22, A-25, A-27, A-28 meet all the requirements of the modern educational process, all computers are connected to the local network and have free access to the Internet. There are classes in various disciplines using various software ranging from virtual laboratories in basic and special disciplines, to computer-aided design systems, etc.
The following programs are available in computer classes: Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Office 2015, Microsoft Office 2016, AutoCAD, MathCAD 13, MathCAD 15, MathCAD Prime 2.0,LabVIEW, Laep, MATLAB Multisim, Electronics WorkBench, Borland C++, Pascal, Borland Delphi 7.0, SQL, Java, HTML, Visual Basic, GPSS, Compass - 3D, Macromedia Flash 8 Professional, Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, Home Site.
* Multimedia classrooms A-22, a-24 are equipped with a software and hardware complex based on an interactive whiteboard ACTIVboard. Teachers actively use the interactive whiteboard in the learning process. Using interactive whiteboards helps teachers to interest students, facilitate the assimilation of the material. Using this Board, one can combine proven methods and techniques of working with a conventional Board, with a set of interactive and multimedia features.
* The laboratory of microtechnology and industrial controllers A-125 is designed for lectures and practical work in the following disciplines: Microprocessor systems in control systems, programming Languages of industrial controllers and microcontrollers, Local automation and control systems, Industrial controllers and microcontrollers, Automated process control systems of industrial enterprises. Software programming is carried out in graphic programming languages FBD and LD of the international standard IEC 61131-3 in the software environment LOGOSoft.Compact.
* The laboratory of relaying and automation A-122 is designed for practical and lecture classes in the following disciplines: Elements and devices of automation, Technical means of automation and control, Automation of technological processes, Automation of technical systems, tutorials on the basics of automation and telemechanics and other disciplines of the Department.
17 АиИС
Laboratory stand " Automation of technological process on the basis of programmable relay»
18 АиИС

Laboratory stand " Automation of technological process on the basis of programmable controller»

19 АиИСLaboratory stand "Power electronics- off line converters»