Ekibastuz, 54А Energetikov St.
Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev
Research work of the department

Science is a system of knowledge obtained as a result of the practice, including research and development of processes and phenomena occurring in nature, society and human thinking.
Without science, it is impossible to imagine modern life and human culture; it is the highest form of knowledge, which covers all the phenomena of inanimate and animate nature, the material and spiritual activities of the people. Science is the result of social development, since its inception, it is inextricably linked to human activity, on the one hand, being under its constant influence, and on the other hand - providing an active influence on it.

At the department the research work is carried out in the direction of initiative scientific research, carried out within the master's works. Annually the students of the department take part in the student scientific conferences under the guidance of teachers, the result of which are the diplomas and certificates.
The main results of the teachers and students’ research are published in various journals and presented at students’ conferences.

At the department an active scientific work is carried out on the issues related to various aspects of the design of information processing systems and management. The teachers of the department collaborate with the leading scientists of higher educational institutions such as IIandPU Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Russian State Geological - Prospecting University named after S.Ordzhonikidze (Moscow), Al Farabi Kazakh State University, ENU named after L.Gumilev, Mining Academy (Germany, Freiberg), ATU, KBTU, PSPI, IOSC (Karaganda), E.Buketov Karaganda State University.
Lecturers of the department had refresher courses at the training centers under the supervision of leading scientists of Kazakhstan.

The following tutorials were developed by the lecturers of our department:

1. "Computer" (in the state language), «WEB technology", "Kompyuterlik syzba» (AUTOCAD) Absalyamova A.ZH.;

2. "New Information Technologies" Kozhamzharova M.K.;

3. "Expert Systems", "Information Security", "Information Security", Zozulya E.S.

4. "Modelling of information processes and systems", "Computer simulation" Kydyrbaeva A.B.;

5. "Informatics" (in the state language) Zhuzbaev S.S., Absalyamova A.ZH.;

6. "Algoritmdeu zhane bagdarlamalau tili», «Web-technologies" Absalyamova A.ZH.;

7. "Numerical Methods", "Equations of Mathematical Physics", "Higher Mathematics", "Mathematical modeling of economic systems" Akishev T.B.;
8. "Computer networks" Nikolaev V.V.;
9. "Fundamentals of artificial intelligence", "Expert Systems" Dzhuzbaeva B.G.;
10. "Fundamentals of Information Systems" Zhuzbaev S.S., Abdrakhmanov R.Z.,
11. "Engineering and Computer Graphics", "Analysis of the data IS" Abdrakhmanov R.ZH.;
12. "Architecture of computer systems", "Operating Systems shell environment", "Methods of processing information", "Information Marketing" Karibjanov A.A.;
13. "Software in economic information systems" Sivaraksha D.M.;

14. "Design and layout" Sivaraksha D.M.;
15. "Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science", "Design of Information Systems", "Programming", "Fundamentals of the theory of management", "Programming Technology" Pak V.G.;
16. "Expert Systems", "Information security and protection of information", "Software IP" Zozulya E.S.;
17. "Economic Cybernetics", "Theory of decision-making", "Statistical Methods", "General Theory of Statistics", "Methods of optimization", "Operations Research", "Numerical methods" Kurmanova B.T.;
18. "New Information Technologies", "circuitry" Kozhamzharova M.K.

Printed publications of the EETI library and Intranet include EMCD:
Thematic scientific research plan:

Pak V.G.

Modeling the behavior of the liquid crystal compounds based on aryl propargylic ether of phenols in phase transitions.

Use of the Internet technology in education. EETI, 2015.


Part in the contest for financing scientific and technical programs and projects of 2012-2016. The theme of research is "Development and substantiation of approximate methods for solving coefficient inverse problems of moisture propagation process in the multilayer medium." "Research Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics" RSE on the right of economic management of al-Farabi KazNU.

Part in the contest for financing scientific and technical programs and projects of 2012-2016. The theme is "Creation of a program measuring system to determine the quality parameters of coal in the bowels." RSE "Institute of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics" MES of the RK.

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Connective heat transfer factor calculation sites of a cut of open-cast mining

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The advantages and disadvantages of testing as a method for checking students' knowledge

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Computer modeling as a means to study the physical processes. EETI, 2015.

"DiscreteMathematics"for the specialtyComputer Science