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Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev

Department of "Construction"

The activity of the department "Construction" is aimed at the preparation of qualified specialists with relevant professional knowledge and skills of their application in practice in the field of construction.

The department "Construction" has been functioning since the day of the foundation of K.Satpaev EETI in 1994. The first set of students was carried out in the specialty "Industrial and civil construction" and "Construction of railways, track and track facilities". Since 2004, in connection with the transition to the credit system, training of bachelors in the specialty "Construction" and specializations: "Technology of industrial and civil construction", "Calculation and design of buildings and structures" has been carried out.

The Department "Construction" has trained more than 500 specialists for the past 20 years.

The first head of the department was c.t.sc. Sakanov K.T. (1994-1999). In different years the department was headed by c.t.sc. Semenkov M.Yu. (1999-2002), c.t.sc. Dzhumashev U.R. (2002-2004), Kim V.Kh. (2003-2006), d.t.sc., Professor, Unaibaev B.Zh. (2006-2011), c.t.sc. Ospanova Zh.N. (2011-2013), c.t.sc. Unaibaev B.B. (2013-2016). From 2016 to the present time Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Unaibaev B.Zh. Deputy head of the department is senior teacher Ishchanova A.Sh.

In different years at the department worked doctor of technical science, acad. SRA RK Absimetov V.E., c.t.sc. Gorshkova L.V., c.t.sc. Epov G.K., honored Railway Engineer Sakin K.S., Associate Professor Bizhtaev K.B.

At present, 10 teachers work at the department, including two doctors of technical sciences, four candidates of technical sciences, one master of construction: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Unaibaev B.Zh., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Bazarov B .A., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Unaibaev B.B., Cand.Tech.Sci., Associate Professor Konakbaeva A.N., c.t.sc., Professor Semenkov M.Yu., candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Doctorov V.N., Associate Professor Kanayeva T.A., Senior Lecturer Kim E.E., Senior Lecturer Ishchanova A.Sh., Laboratory Assistant Shegay V.М.

The degree holders rate of the faculty is 60%.

Scientific research activity

Science is one of the priorities of the department. With the participation of the staff of the department, SNiP 3.02-29-2005 "Insulating and finishing coatings", SC RK 5.01. 2005 "Calculation and design of foundations in tamped pits", NTD RK 07-01.1-2011 "Design of buildings on saline soils". Published in 2015.

      The total number of scientific and methodical publications of the department is more than 500, among them 15 monographs, more than 43 copyright certificates and patents for inventions, 20 teaching aids, 3 practical recommendations for research, design and construction. The results of the research were reported at the International Scientific Practical Conferences in Japan, South Korea, Norway, Romania, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

The teachers of the department took part in research contracts on the following topics: "Development of practical recommendations for the construction of barrette foundations in Karaganda soils", carried out within the framework of the contract with LLP "UTEK" from 1.01.13 to 30.12.13, "Development of effective technologies of sub foundation and foundation works in saline soils "carried out within the framework of the agreement with" Agro-Service "LLP from 1.01.14 to 30.12.14," Barrette foundation "carried out within the framework of the contract with LLP" Arkalyk LTD "from 1.01.2013 to 30.12.13, "Improvement of normative and technical documents in the sphere of housing and communal services of the Republic of Kazakhstan" carried out within the framework of the contract with "Astana construction consulting" LLP, from 1.01.2011 to 30.12.11, development of the normative and technical document "Design of buildings on saline soils" within the framework of the agreement with the State Enterprise "Karaganda State Technical University", from 17.05.2011 to 30.11.11, "Improvement of the technology of foundation works in saline soils in Kazakhstan" performed under the agreement with "LightEnergoProm" LLP from 30.12.2010 to 30.12.13, etc. for the total amount of financing over 18 million tenge.

In the process of performing scientific research, design and construction works in solving scientific and engineering problems, 5 patents for inventions were claimed in recent years, which were confirmed by the Committee on Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan and registered in the form of "Patents for invention", defended 2 theses for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences by Arsenin V.A. and Unaibaev B.B.

Information on the received patents of the faculty for 2009-2013.

№ п/п

The name of the patent

Nature of work
publisher's imprint

Method for testing saline soils

Patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan for invention No. 12-2 / 657 dated 20.03.2009
V.A. Arsenin
B.B. Unaybaev
A.Sh. Ishchanova

Method and devices for erecting printed and sand drains in weak water-saturated clay soils

Patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan for invention No. 22795 dated March 26, 2009
Unaybaev B.Zh.,
Ishchanova A.Sh.
Unaybaev B.B.
Khe E.V. (student)

The method of erecting bored piles in saline loess subsidence grounds

printed Patent No. 22796 dated June 25, 2010 Unaybaev B.Zh.,
Ishchanova A.Sh.,
Unaybaev B.B.

Method for vacuum refining of steel for continuous casting

Patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan for invention No. 70232 dated 20.09.2010
Kambarov Zh.K.,
Mardenov M.P., Unaybaev B.Zh.,

A method for controlling the rate of casting steel from an intermediate ladle to a mold

Patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan for invention No. 70462 of 01.10.2010
Kambarov Zh.K.,
Mardenov M.P., Unaybaev B.Zh.,

Experimental-theoretical and practical developments of the department, offered to prospectors, designers and builders

1. Method for determining the suffosive compressibility of soils;

2. Methods for determining and forecasting the development of suffusion in the basement of buildings and structures;

3. Effective preparation methods of bases and foundations (more than 10 technologies) in difficult ground conditions, etc.

4. Architectural and construction design, etc.

The proposed technologies for testing, calculating, designing and bases and foundations work on saline soils when compared with traditional technologies make it possible to reduce the labor intensity of the test by 1.5-3.0 times, reduce the costs for the foundation work by 1.5-2 times, improve reliability, durability of structures, reliability of erection and operation of buildings and structures.

The eefficiency, novelty and copyright of the proposed technologies, is confirmed by the results of pilot-industrial approbation when erecting the II stage of the Kopetdat dam on the Karakum Canal named after V.I. Lenin, a number of objects of the preCaspian oil and gas complex in the urban-type settlement Kulsary, Tengiz and buildings in the cities Atyrau, Aktobe, Karaganda, Temirtau, construction of roads Almaty-Astana, Pavlodar-Karaganda-Zhezkazgan, etc. The economic effect and introduction of developments amounts to tens and hundreds of million tenge.


The department "Construction" has the state license No. 000635 for conducting architectural and construction activities. There is a Student Design Engineering Bureau (SDEB), where the projects of the "Sports and Health Building on 600 m2 of the EITI named after Acad. K. Satpayev ", " Dormitory for 100 places "and for today commissioned " Administrative building of the EITI named after Acad. K.Satpayev » were developed.

At the department there is an experimental-production laboratory, where construction materials (brick, paving stone, etc.) are produced. Design work for KZT 15 million and construction and installation works for KZT 200 million have been completed.

Achievements of students

Student Khe E.V. received a copyright certificate for an invention.
Student Aubakirova B.E. made a speech at the Republican Student Scientific and Practical Conference "Youth and Science in the Modern World" in 2012 in Taldykorgan who received a certificate and a letter of thanks.

The graduation work of the student Kapiyatova D. took the second place, the students Zekenova Sh. (Athletic health complex of EITI named after K. Satpaev) and Akzholov A. were given certificates for their diploma work at the republican competition of diploma projects held in KazGASA, Almaty in 2012.

The results of the NIRS were reported at the international scientific and technical conferences of Ekibastuz, Almaty, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, etc. Over the past three years, over 30 students’ scientific reports were presented.


№№ Student’s full name The name of the contest, olympiads, conferences, competitions Kind of reward
1 2 4 5
1 Sinyavsky Anatoly Asian Junior Championships 1st place
Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Powerlifting 1st place
2 Kireev Asan RK Championship among juniors, RK Championship among young people in separate exercises 1st place
Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan in sports acrobatics 1st place
RK Championship among the youth in sports acrobatics in the category 12-19 years 1st place
Asian Championship in sports acrobatics 2nd place