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Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev
Laborotories of the Mining department

The name of the laboratory: Physics and mechanics of rocks



The Purpose of the laboratory:


- carrying out laboratory work in physics of rocks.


- carrying out research work in physics and mechanics of rocks, soils and agglomerated materials


The discipline «Physics of rocks" -


consultations on the subject.




"Laboratory of Physics of rocks»  (classroom 3)


1. The total area of the premises: 36 m2


2. The number of seats: 16


3. Technical and operational requirements: Voltage ~220V, 380 V


4. Types of activities: laboratory practical work on the subject


5. The equipment for laboratory practical work


6. The list of laboratory work:


The name of the instrument



Operating temperature range from + 5 ° C to + 40 ° C, relative air humidity 80%, atmospheric pressure 86 ... 106.7 kPa.

The instrument conforms to the ordinary execution of the third-order products according to GOST 12997 and is a working means of measurement.

Humidity Meter Electronic - "MG4-Z Hygrometer". The instrument is designed for rapid determination of moisture content of materials by the dielcometric method according to GOST 2172 8.

The application of the instrument - determination of material humidity.



The device for rapid determination of water permeability of BB-2 material is intended for the determination of water resistance in rock samples on the basis of an express method of evaluation its air permeability (GOST 12730 5 - 84, Appendix 4)

A Meteer is a deformation meter is designed to measure the pressure of gaseous and liquid, not highly viscous or crystallising media that are not aggressive to the details of the copper alloy. GOST 2405-88.



Porosimeter is for determination of air content in the materials - a model of KP 133. Device Type – a portable, laboratory air content meter, designed to determine the volume of air any entrained material GOST 1082.2 - 81



Vicat apparatus ОГЦ-1 is designed for determination of normal consistency and setting time of materials GOST 310.3.



Vicat apparatus ОГЦ-1 is designed for determination of normal consistency and setting time of materials GOST 310.3.



A tooling package KP 116 is designed to determine the crushability of material (d = 75, 150 mm) according to the degree of grain fracture under compression in the cylinder in accordance with GOST 8269.0 - 97.



The apparatus for flash point testing and determination of ignition of petroleum products in a closed crucible TV3 by the method of international standard ISO 2719-2000 in the laboratories.


Hydraulic press and device for bending test of test beams PI - 92 according to the GOST310.4 - 81.


Material Activity Indicator IATS - 04M.


Meter Pulsar - 1.1 is designed for measurement of time of ultrasonic pulses in solid material at the surface and through sonic test.


Container for elutriation of crushed stone and gravel


The form for manufacturing of samples of mineral powder mixture





Laboratory work №1      

Determination of density properties of rocks

Equipment -  a form for manufacturing of samples of mineral powder mixture, a form for determination density of the mineral powder, Pulsar 1.1 porosimeter, press 

Laboratory work № 2    

Determination of elastic and deformation properties of rocks

Equipment - Pulsar 1.1, a compressor, a form to determine the density of mineral powder

Laboratory work №3      

Determination of the strength properties of g.p. and the construction of the certificate of rock strength
Equipment - Pulsar -1.1, compressor, Vicat apparatus ОГЦ-1 -1 device

Laboratory work №4    

Determination of acoustic properties of rocks
Equipment - Pulsar 1.1,Vicat apparatus ОГЦ-1

Laboratory work №5  

Determination of rheological properties of rocks
Equipment – tooling package KP-116

Laboratory work № 6    

Determination of the thermal properties of rocks
Equipment - The apparatus for flash point testing of petroleum products and ignition in the closed crucible TV3

Laboratory work №7  

Determination of the hydraulic properties of rocks
The equipment - "Hygrometer MG4-Z", a device for rapid determination of the material water permeability BB-2

Laboratory work №8  

Determination of the electromagnetic properties of rocks
Equipment - Megger

Laboratory work №9  

Determination of gas dynamic properties of rocks
Equipment - porosimeter

Laboratory work №10  

Determination of mining technological parameters of rocks
Equipment - tooling package KP-116, KP 601/2 round gauges




The name of the classroom: Mine surveying




The purpose of the laboratory:


 - carrying out laboratory work in surveying, applied Geodesy.


 The total area of the premises: 50 m2   (classroom108) 


1. The number of seats: 16


2. Technical and operational requirements: Voltage ~220V, 380 V


3. The types of activities: laboratory practical work in the discipline.




The equipment for laboratory practical work:
          Theodolite 4T30P




 Theodolite 4T30P belongs to the group of optical and mechanical theodolites of technical accuracy. It is designed for measuring horizontal and vertical angles and distances with cross wire meter, leveling with a leveler with the tube, determination of magnetic azimuth on the compass.


     Theodolite 4T30P allows shooting readings using a scale microscope; work in a three tripod manner by a removable support with built-in optical plummet.


        Leveling instrument 3H-2KL


A Leveling instrument 3H-2KL refers to optical-mechanical (counting is taken on the eye) levelers.


Regardless of the operating principle all levellers are designed to perform geometrical leveling, i.e. determination of the height difference between multiple points. The instrument installed usually on the tripod (stand), is equipped with telescope, adapted to rotate in a horizontal plane, and the sensitivity level.


Маркировка нивелиров состоит из буквенно-цифрового кода такого вида 3Н-2КЛ. Здесь цифра 3 обозначает модификацию прибора, буква Н – Нивелир, цифра 2 – среднеквадратическая погрешность на 1 километр двойного хода в миллиметрах, К – обозначает наличие компенсатора, Л – наличие горизонтального лимба для измерения горизонтальных углов с технической точностью.


Marking leveling instruments consists of an alphanumerical code of this type 3H-2KL. Here, the figure 3 is a modification of the instrument, the letter H - leveler, the figure 2 - standard error of 1 kilometer of double stroke in millimeters, K - indicates the presence of the compensator, L - the presence of the horizontal limb for measuring horizontal angles with technical precision.




          Planimeter (mechanical integrator) - the instrument that is used to determine the simple mechanical areas (integration) of closed contours, traced on the flat surface.





 The mirror Ekker is a simple geodesic instrument that serves to build the corners on the area that are multiples of 90 ° or 45 °. It consists of two small mirrors, inclined to each other at an angle of 45 °. Above the mirrors there are slits for free eye sight. One direction or a number of milestones can be seen in the slit, the other direction (the required perpendicular to the first) is vised twith he line of sight, reflected by both mirrors.




Survey stake


 Survey stake is a wooden bar with marked graduation on it; used for reading of altitudes when leveling


Odometer is a device for measuring the length of the winding lines, most of the maps, plans and drawings. Odometer consists of a toothed roller on the handle of known diameter and the counter of the passed number of teeth. To measure the length of a curve it is rolled with odometer roller. Typically, the device has two dials (one on each side), while the scale of one of them is marked in centimeters and another is in inches.




Measuring tape INDEX XYB-5010


Measuring tape INDEX XYB-5010 is a tool bar with a scale designed for measuring linear dimensions. Of open type, equipped with a steel tape with wear resistant nylon coating. The casing is made of high strength plastics and comprises a metal core. There is a system of accelerated winding and convenient carrying handle.




The length of the measuring tape is 30m.
- nylon coated tape significantly increases its resistance to wear;
- convenient system of rewinding the tape;
- Shock-resistant, tough tape - can withstand bending and twisting;
- Protected from abrasion, easy to clean with water;
- Rubberized grip comfortably and conveniently in the hand;
- the divisions on the scale are applied with high precision;
- The case is made of high-strength plastic.




Measuring wheel Nedo Mini




Measuring wheel is a digital measurement tool that can measure the distance faster and easier. Replacing a tape and mechanical measuring wheel it measures rectilinear distances and displays them digitally on the display, calculates the area and volume, stores multiple measurements in memory and performs other convenient features that allow each measure:


 - faster, more accurately and more conveniently.
- Large digital display located on the handle for convenience;
- Measuring and storing in memory the length, width, height;
- Calculation of area, volume, and the walls of the square;
- Precise measurement of "from wall to wall";
- Selection of units and their conversion;
- Counting function and autocounting;
- Programmable "fixed distance";
- Storing up to nine different values or measurements.


 The general principle of the road wheels is built on the transfer of the number of revolutions of wheel circumference to the mechanical or electronic counter when rolling. The main differences between the road wheels can be divided according to the type of wheel material (plastic / metal), to the wheel arrangement (needles / solid), to the meter type (mechanical / electronic), the size of the wheel circumference (1m / less than a meter), the value of the maximum measurement and scae division value, the presence or absence of brakes, weight, etc.