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Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev
Purposes in quality area


K.Satpayev Ekibastuz Engineering Technical Institute

Quality Objectives

           Strategic objective: Ensuring high professional level of specialists, meeting the requirements of standards and need of integration into the world educational space, realizing the principle of continuous improvement of civil and moral qualities through the effective organization and high quality of scientific and educational process.

           Ekibastuz engineering-technical institute named after academician K. Satpayev according to the Policy in the field of quality sets before itself the following goals:

1. Ensuring the growth of quality of educational process on the basis of introduction of the advancing innovative training, new electronic educational resources, application of modern training computer technologies, taking into account the market condition and requirements of consumers of educational services and need of integration into the world.

2. Improvement of scientific and pedagogical qualification of the faculty by increasing the number of the teachers having academic degrees and ranks, passings of various forms of training and advanced training courses in the near and far abroad, to provide 100% computer literacy of  the institute teachers.

3. To intensify research, scientific activity of the faculty, involvement of students into scientific work on the basis of integration of education, science and industry by development of communications of the institute with the enterprises of the Ekibastuz fuel and energy complex of the country, the conclusion of economic contracts with the enterprises for a minimum of 20 million tenges, the increase the number of scientific publications of the faculty and students to 220 articles and reports and increase the extent of participation of students in SRW by 25%.

4. To develop the international cooperation by the conclusion of contracts on cooperation with foreign higher education institutions, involvement of students and employees to participation in the international scholarship programs, the organization of training of bachelors in higher education institutions and scientific centers of the near and far abroad.

5. On the basis of improvement of forms and ways of professional orientation work, advertizing and propaganda activity to create the contingent of the 1-st year students of 400 people.

6. To provide the growth of participation of students in the republican youth movements, cultural, public and sports actions on the basis of improvement of teaching and educational process, formation and development students’ patriotism, tolerance, respect for the rights and freedom of a person.

7. To increase social support of the members of collective at the expense of extra charges to official salaries a minimum of 10 million tg, material encouragement, a solution of housing problems.

8. To improve the infrastructure due to acquisition of the new equipment, including modern computer equipment for the sum of 5 million tenges, equipping the chairs with laboratory equipment for 10 million tg and special furniture for 5 million tg.

9. To carry out a continuous communication with employers by carrying out monitoring of their satisfaction for effective response to the changing conditions of the market of educational services.

Rector of K.Satpayev EETI

Prof., D.t.s                                                              Unaibayev B.Zh.