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Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev
The educational program "Management"

The educational program ( EP) of higher education in the 5В050700 "Management" specialty implemented by Academician K. Satpaev EITI in the state and Russian languages, is a system of documents developed and approved by the higher educational institution taking into account the labor market requirements, in accordance with the requirements of the State Standard ofeducation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Mission, Policy and Objectives in the field of quality of the Institute, using innovative educational technologies.

The mission of the EP "Management" is: to train the skills of operational and strategic management of an international company in the changing environment, the use of tools for the economic evaluation of international projects, marketing, entrepreneurship, business planning, human resource management in the global market space.

Strategic management of the EP regulates the goals, expected results, content, conditions and technologies for implementing the educational process, assessing the quality of the graduate's preparation in these areas of training, ensuring the implementation of the relevant educational program.

Preparation of organizational, managerial, production-technological, design, experimental and research personnel on the EP for the Bachelor degree in specialty 5В050700 "Management" is carried out in two directions: "Management of Organizations" and "International Management".

The educational program of the specialty 5В050700 "Management" was created on the basis of the employers' request, in accordance with the national development priorities. The objectivesofEP“Management:

  1. Formation of the world view of the bachelor's specialists about the scientific philosophical and religious pictures of the universe, the history of the development of society, the improvement of language training and the problems of environmental protection in the study of general educational disciplines.
  2. Developing the ability of bachelors to self-improvement and self-development, the needs and skills of independent creative mastery of new knowledge throughout their active life.
  3. Graduate training on the basis of diversity and dynamism of elective modules of the curriculum, with a predominance of practical skills in competencies capable of performing professional functions in one or more activities based on the final learning outcomes that take into account the specifics of these activities, market requirements for organizational and managerial and professional competencies.

To implement these objectives, the following tasks:

  1. Analysis and synthesis of national and international experience in the preparation of production and technological, organizational and technological, design, research staff;
  2. Targeted formation of the contingent of students, specialized theoretical and practical training of students, in the training process oriented to the current needs of the employer;
  3. The ability to work with scientific and technical literature, to use domestic and foreign experience in professional activities, to systematize and generalize the information received.

The types of professional activity. Bachelors in the specialty "Management" can perform the following types of professional activities:

- organizational and technological. The bachelor has all the skills for skilled work in the sphere of analytical, settlement-normative, consulting activities, development and application of management technology at a particular enterprise, including his participation in the creation of the scientific, methodological and organizational and technological base of management. Together with other specialists, he develops and applies the most effective management methods, rules and procedures of strategic planning, personnel management, innovative management.

The bachelor actively participates in the process of organization of production, material and technical supply and marketing in the enterprise;

- Design activity. Bachelor conducts activities in two main areas: organizational design and feasibility study of projects.

Organizational design includes the development of organizational management structures, their implementation, adaptation, development of innovations and identification of options for the development of management systems, as well as analysis of economic projects, development and analysis of the effectiveness of specialized documents (feasibility study, business plan, etc.) , concerning the organization of a new enterprise or economic project, necessary for obtaining credits, loans and other types of financial support;

- a production and management activity is the prerogative of bachelors in this specialty, since the educational process requires them to thoroughly study all issues related to the management process; including the management of production, the creation of an effective system, the application in practice of all known management principles, the use of the developed scientific and methodological, organizational and technological base of management, the implementation of basic management functions, the analysis of the effectiveness of their implementation, monitoring compliance with management technology, the formation of the economic strategy of the enterprise and planning current production activities, etc .;

- research activity. The bachelor conducts activities both in the framework of research programs of higher educational institutions, as well as in the corresponding research groups of research institutes, industrial enterprises and corporations, or independently; a special place is given to international programs of scientific cooperation in the field of economy, organization, management;

- educational or pedagogical activity of bachelors of management involves the professional activity in gymnasiums, colleges and lyceums;

- commercial activity is the activity in the field of material production management and social development.

Functions of professional activity:

- planning of the main directions of development of production and management;

- definition of goals and objectives of management, their effectiveness;

- the formation of the structure of the production facility and the management structure, the optimal construction of the production apparatus;

- improvement of production techniques and technology;

- motivation of the personnel, activation of their work;

- coordination and control of all aspects of the management activities;

- introduction of innovations in the sphere of material and non-material production.