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Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev
The founder of Institute
      Marat Pazylovich Mardenov is the initiator, first Rector, first President of K.Satpayev Ekibastuz Engineering Technical Institute; he is a tireless scholar, a creative person, an all-round man.
      Mardenov M.P. is no doubt, was one of the important examples of self-actualized people for the younger generations.












      Historical reference: Marat Pazylovich Mardenov was born on the 16th of May 1940 in the village Aksu of Aksu region in Taldy- Korgan oblast. He is Kazakh by nationality. His father – Mardenov Pazyl Akpanovich (1910-1984) worked at state security organs. His mother – Suvambayeva Mastura (1915-1974) worked as a weaver at the cloth factory. In 1962 Marat graduated from Semipalatinsk pedagogical institute the Physics and Mathematics Faculty with qualification – a teacher of Physics. In 1978 he completed his postgraduate studies at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of AS KazSSR with the thesis on "Studies on the creation of high-power gas lasers in the core of stationary nuclear reactors”. Since 1981 he is the candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor.
       In 1995 Marat Pazylovich became Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. The theme of his doctoral thesis was “Plasma research and the creation of powerful lasers in the core of stationary nuclear reactors”. In 1994 he is professor of K.Satpayev Ekibastuz Engineering Technical Institute. In 1995 he is an ordinary professor of International Academy of sciences. Since 1998 (Moscow) he is an academician of International Academic Association of Academies of sciences and of International Academy of informatization.  The author of the monograph “ Lasers in nuclear reactors” (1996), 86 articles in journals “Quantum physics”,  “Nuclear Physics” and others.
      In October 2009 President of K.Satpayev Ekibastuz Engineering Technical Institute Mardenov M.P. was awarded with the International award “European Quality” for striving to achieve high-quality educational services in accordance with European standards by the decision of Oxford mayoralty (Great Britain).
      Since 1995 he is the dean of Ekibastuz general technical faculty of Pavlodar industrial institute. Since 1994 he is Rector of K.Satpayev Ekibastuz Engineering Technical Institute. The Deputy of City Council of People's Deputies of Ermak and Ekibastuz (1974-1994). The corresponding member of International Academy of informatization (1995). In 2007 he was elected a full member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He was awarded the medals “For the Valiant Labor. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Lenin's birth” (1970), “For the Merit of the Pavlodar region” (2002), “For the Merit of Ekibastuz” (2004), Honored Worker of Higher School.
       The main creation of M.P. Mardenov is K.Satpayev Ekibastuz Engineering Technical Institute. It was founded in May 1994 on the initiative of Ekibastuz city administration and industrial giants: SJSC “Ekibastuzkomir”, PEO “Ekibastuzenergostroi”, “Ekibastuzshkhtostroi”, PEO “Ekibastuzenergo”, “Ekibastuz branch of Railways” to train qualified engineers from the representatives of the local youth for the enterprises. At the first foundation meeting of the shareholders Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Mardenov M.P. who had been working since 1965 in the system of higher education was elected as the institute rector.
      Working as the first Rector of EETI M.P. Mardenov demonstrated exceptional capacity for work and versatile talent as a leader, organizer of the higher education institution. The highly-qualified teaching staff was created as well as strong social, material and technical base corresponding to modern requirements.
      In the institute due to his initiative a students’ support service began to work and the provision of benefits on payment of fees, consisting of 13 benefits categories which takes into account the family and social conditions of a student. He initiated the provision of 5 to 50 per cent benefits to pay tuition. Annually the institute contributes 170-200000 tenge to the city charity fund.
      From the start of introduction of the UNT of school leavers EETI is the base center which can be considered as social, advertising activities of our institute and his personal initiative.
      Major milestones of this outstanding person’s biography are the pages of our contemporary’s life, characterizing Mardenov M.P. as a tireless worker, one of the founders of the majestic building of human knowledge. And with all the variety of his biography, it is one monotony - this work always and everywhere, at the desk, in a scientific laboratory, with the student audience…
       Another typical feature of the intellectual is the desire to give all of himself without reserve to science, people and favorite work. Therefore the life of the public person, scientist and explorer, organizer of science and education M.P.Mardenov is derived from his human qualities.


       In 2010 in Moscow Marat Pazylovich was awarded with the international award “the Intellect of nation” within the program “Leaders of the XXI century”, the international project Russia- CIS.
      It is difficult to overestimate the role of science in the modern world. Thanks to people like Mardenov M.P., it is never cease to sound joyful, proud call of science, the password of a scientist: "Eureka!"                                  Each year the Institute is replenished with new staff, new students - the example of vital activity of  Mardenov M.P. will help them to make their own contribution to the development of science, success and prosperity of our country.
      M. Gorky has the words that can be referred to the vital activity of Mardenov M.P.: "The history of human labor and creativity is much more interesting and significant than the history of a man - a man dies without having lived hundreds of years, but his cause lives on centuries." In the year of the 20th anniversary of the Institute Mardenov died, but his work and memory of him should live.
N. And. Cabina, doctor of philosophical Sciences,
EITI named after academician K. I. Satpaev