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Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev
Scientific-research word
The Department has two student scientific club (SSC) "Management and operation of transport equipment" and "Logistics and transportation automation". Students of the Department take an active part in scientific events of the Institute.
The purpose of scientific research of the Department is attracting students to scientific research; promoting the full development of student personality, formation of his objective self-evaluation, acquisition of skills in creative teams, getting attached to organizational and innovative activities; providing students with opportunities to realize their abilities in solving urgent problems of modern transport technology.
The main task is to go beyond the training program, scientific professionalization of students under the guidance of highly qualified teachers and researchers.
For the 2019-2020 academic year, students with teachers of the Department completed and implemented 7diploma projects in the educational process, and 4 diploma projects in production.
- LLP Ekibastuz Motor-car depot, results of Diploma Projecton the topic "Technological process of compressor repair with the implementation of KT6El compressor device training stand".
Scientific adviser Ibraeva S. Zh., student Akramov A. from 26.12.2019
- LLP MAK-Ekibastuz, results of Diploma Project on the topic "Development of technological process for repairing passenger car generators".
Scientific adviser Sartaev K. Z., students Toleubaev A. R., Abdaikalyk T. T., Boreyko V. I. No. 37 from 15.06.2020
- LLP MAK-Ekibastuz results of Diploma Projecton the topic "Technology of repair of wheel-motor block and traction transmission with vibration diagnostics using diagnostic complex Prognoz-1".
Scientific adviserSartaev K. Z., students Elamanov A. B., Zekenov S. Zh., Amangeldyev E. A. No. 35 from 02.06.2020
- LLP MAK-Ekibastuz results of Diploma Projecton the topic "Mechanization and automation of repair of mechanical equipment of a traction unit".
Scientific adviser Nuspekov E. L., students Kiziken Sh. K., Saifurov D. B., Asetov A. B. No. 42 of 29.05.2020 G.
During the reporting period, the following research results were introduced into the educational process:
- "Improving the technological process of passenger station". Authors: student Maleta Anastasia Ivanovna and senior lecturer Mikhailidi I. I. from 25.11.2019;
- "Improving the organization of transportation process" Authors: student Seilkhanov Merhat Ramazanovich and senior lecturerMikhailidi I. I. from 25.11.2019;
- "Implementation of automated information management system ETRAN at station". Authors: student Maul Olesya Vasil'evna, senior lecturer Mikhailidi I.I. from 25.11.2019;
- "Improving the operation of station by implementing an automated process control system". Authors: student Shandaev Valery Vladimirovich, senior lecturer Mikhailidi I. I. from 25.11.2019;
- "Occupational health and safety at railway station". Authors: student Elsov A. E., senior lecturer Umarova B. A. from 02.10.2019;
- "Technological process of compressor repair with the implementation of training stand of KT6El compressor device". Scientific adviserIbraeva S.I.and student Akramov A. from 25.11.2019