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Академик Қ.Сәтбаев Атындағы Екібастұз инженерлік-техниқалық институты
Ekibastuz technical and engineering institute named after the academician K.Satpayev
Vocational training

Alumni feedback on the study of educational program “Vocational training”



Tsoi Vladimir Alekseevich - teacher of the highest category of secondary school-lyceum № 6, teacher of the School of technical creativity
"For all the time of training there were no disciplines that would not be interesting to me or not needed in the future. From course to course training became more exciting, we were given more independence and opportunities to express ourselves. A huge number of practice bases on which students can try themselves at various levels of the education system can also be identified among the advantages, engage themselves in various activities and apply their knowledge in practice. Often, various organizations themselves invite our students to work for them, as graduates have a high status, and students have good knowledge, recommendations and practical experience.
Zaliznyak Tatiana Nikolaevna - teacher of the first category of secondary school №21, teacher of the School of technical creativity.
I estimate the work of the Department's management at 100%, it's so nice when people work by vocation, worry about their wards, try to help, monitor the timely execution of students’ work, I’m very grateful to them. Listening to my friends, colleagues and acquaintances who have graduated from other universities, I think that EETI should become one of the most famous and prestigious educational institutions in Kazakhstan in the future, where most teachers really try to give the maximum knowledge to students. And students after graduation are proud to have received an education, not a diploma. I wish our specialty to be known and recognized by the public.
Zhumanazarov Atymtay Kapashevich - teacher of the first category of secondary school №18, teacher of the School of technical creativity
I often heard from students of other Universities that "study is one thing, and work is quite another", "my training gave me only a "diploma", "I became a professional only in the workplace"... So, all this is not about our Specialty. We dived headlong into the profession from the first day of training. For us, technology is not a job, it is a lifestyle, and EETI is not just an institution. Teachers have formed not only our professional position, but also the way of thinking, attitude to life, to people...»
 1 Шахмурат
Shakmurat Aidana Bakytzhan kizi – teacher of art work of the school-gymnasium №2 named after Gafu Kairbekov, Astana. Graduated in 2016.
And to anyone who would like to enroll in the undergraduate educational program "Vocational training", I strongly recommend to consider Ekibastuz engineering-technical Institute named after Satpayev as the main option. I graduated from the coolest University - EETI, graduated with a degree in "Vocational training" and never regretted it. As for me - EETI is not just a name, it is something native and irreplaceable.
 1 Сейтимбетова
Seitimbetov Gulbarshin Talgatovna - master of industrial training at construction technical College, graduated in 2017
"That was awesome! These words come to mind first when I’m asked about my student years and the place where I studied. And "was" is rather a slight regret that for me the first higher education has already been received and it is impossible to rewind the film back and start over. During the training there were difficulties that were overcome with the help of competent teachers. In general, it was extremely interesting to comprehend something new...»
 2 Айткалиев
Aytkaliev Nursultan Normuhanbetovich - teacher of art work of СSI "Shidertinskaya secondary school of education Department of Ekibastuz akimat", graduates in 2017
"I went to work at the graduate course, so I graduated from EETI already with a permanent place of work, wrote a thesis based on the experience of my professional activity. I really needed language training. Today I come to EETI with great pleasure, here I meet my teachers, whom I respect very much. I consider the EP as a place where I will give education to my children."
OUR UNIVERSITY offered not only a decent education to work in this field, but also suited me in all respects: teaching staff, contingent of fellow students, training environment. Time has shown that I was not mistaken in my choice!" I want to emphasize teachers: Kebina N. A. Aytimova A. K., Semenova G. A., Pak V. G.
Lykova Maria Alisherova - teacher of the first category of secondary school №23. Graduated in 2014
Our alma-mater meets you not by "clothes" and social status, but by your capabilities and commitment. If you are ready to work and achieve only ups in this life, then this place is just for you. EETI gives so many wonderful opportunities, just try not to miss your chance and go to meet your dreams and aspirations!"
Kolocheva Yulia: I am a graduate of bachelor programme 5B012000 "Vocational training", graduated from EETI in 2012. Our Institute is taught by high-level specialists. Graduates of our educational program are in demand in the labor market. I had no doubts about the choice of an educational institution for obtaining a bachelor's degree.
We were taught by professionals who have both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in modern realities. There is a friendly atmosphere, it is possible to combine study and work, and most importantly there is a strong teaching staff. I entered the specialty "Vocational training" and was just delighted with how accessible and easy teachers share their experience and knowledge.
Kharitonova Victoria Viktorovna - teacher of art work of CSI "Shidertinskaya secondary school of education Department of Ekibastuz akimat". Graduated in 2018
"... I want to say a great thank YOU to everyone who participated in training and development of us, students: thank you to the best teachers for interesting lectures and workshops, you “released” us, gave us new useful knowledge, thank you to the organizers of practices for the opportunity to express ourselves in different areas of technology... Each student had the opportunity to show his talents, show knowledge and get a fantastic return in the form of new experiences, knowledge and impressions».